Create the Ultimate Thanksgiving Tablescape

Dated: November 17 2020

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Calling all holiday hostesses ? Raise your hand if you bought the house you live in because it's perfect for entertaining ?‍♀️ (me too)! This post is for you! Let's talk the ultimate Thanksgiving tablescape that will leave your guests in awe ?

Here's your to do list:

Step 1: Pick your color scheme - are you going with a more traditional look?  Do you want to mix in bolder hues like navy and light blue with your oranges and ivories? Or how about a boho vibe with neutrals and burnt orange?

Step 2: Determine your signature style - are you going for more rustic, classic, or elegant? That's going to help you pick your centerpiece and table accents. It's helpful to take your home decor into account for this. If your home is as modern as Kim and Kanye's but you want a boho thanksgiving, it's going to take a lot more to make everything look cohesive. Go with what you know and play off your strengths here. 

Step 3: Are you going to use a tablecloth or a runner? Choose something that goes with the style and color scheme. Neutral is always a good option to be able to layer in colorful accents. If you're opting for a boho theme, try a linen or macrame runner. For something more classy, an inexpensive and beautiful option is a layered cheesecloth runner

Step 4: Choose your centerpiece - flower arrangements, candles, pumpkins, a mix of all 3? If you're going with flowers, what kinds of flowers? Opt for a mix of shapes and sizes to make your centerpiece feel more modern and interesting. Tall candles, low eucalyptus garland, and a floral arrangement (or two depending on the size of your table) is a great combo. Don't feel pigeon-holed into deep reds and oranges either - there are tons of beautiful centerpieces that will play into your chosen vibe. 

Step 5: Add in your linen napkins (patterned or solid colored) with napkin holders (bold or simple), then choose your flatware and dinner plates. I'm currently loving pewter chargers (I found mine at Goodwill) and white plates with gold silverware for a modern look with a little edge. 

Step 6: Incorporate an accent such as little acorns, pinecones, or olive branches to put on top of the plates. Keep it simple and tie a piece of twine around the napkin if you don't have napkin holders! 

Step 7: Create your dinner playlist to have playing softly in the background. Try "Autumn Acoustic 2020".

Step 8: Set the lighting - how many candles do you need? Are you adding in accent lighting? Dimming the chandelier? Figure out how you want the mood lighting to look.

And there you have it, your tablescape to do list! Now it's time to go shopping!

What is your go-to Thanksgiving table style? 

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