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Things to think of when buying an older home

The first thing that a buyer of a home responds to is whether the home is "dated" or not.  The issues of paint or wallpaper or carpeting may be important but a buyer should not forget the

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What You Should Know About Airflow? Choosing Air Filters 101

 June 24, 2019 John NashAir filtration is an important part of your home’s ventilation system. Without an air filter in place, dust and other airborne particles would be distributed

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Weeds, Wildflowers or Invasive Plants Oh My!

 August 1, 2019 John NashIf you have plants popping up in your yard that you didn’t plant, your first instinct may be that it’s a weed. You very well might be right; after all,

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Foundation Cracks Don't Have To Spell Disaster

 July 29, 2019 John NashCracks in the foundation of your house can be signs of a problem. This doesn’t mean that you should automatically worry if you see a few small cracks,.

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